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Tot Altijd a film by nic balthazar

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In cinemas from 25 januari

"Time of my Life" is based on the true story of Mario Verstraete, the young Belgian politician who was vehemently pleading for a law on euthanasia, until he was himself diagnosed with a very aggressive kind of Multiple Sclerosis. The film tells the story from the point of view of his best friend Thomas, who - as a doctor - is confronted with the most excruciating dilemma, whether or not to help his friend "to the emergency exit". The story starts in the magnificent eighties. With Mario and Thomas who are then already clearly friends for life. Lynn is the wild cat between them. The gang is never complete without Speck, the hopeless philosophy student who nearly always puts his foot in it.
Mario marrying, becoming a father and divorcing, and eventually getting ill, having to renounce to his political career. As Mario's fight to legalise euthanasia becomes more and more personal, and as Belgium seems on his way to become the second country to pass this legislation, Thomas is torn between the loyalty to his friend, and the pledge to his parents to try and make Mario change his mind. 'Time of your life' talks about what happens in a country where for the first time in history people who suffer can decide on their own life or death. How about the fathers, mothers, children, partners and friends… How will they all deal with a young man who keeps on saying that it's not the quantity of life that matters, but the quality. What happens when people are asked…to do the impossible.
Time of my life is a heart-warming story about friendship. And about life.


Koen De Graeve is Mario Verstraete



Geert Van Rampelberg is Thomas



Lotte Pinoy is Lynn



Iwein Segers is Speck



Viviane De Muynck is Francine



Michel Van Dousselaere is Roger



Eva Van der Gucht is Sask



Ben Segers is Glen



An Miller is Sofie



Felix Maesschalck is Milan



Lucas Vandervost is Frank Valaeys


Director: Nic Balthazar Producer: Peter Bouckaert (Eyeworks Film & TV Drama) Co-producers: Diana Elbaum & Sébastien Delloye (Entre Chien et Loup), Michiel de Rooij & Sabine Veenendaal (Flinck Film) Screenplay: Nic Balthazar DOP: Danny Elsen s.b.c. Sound Engineer: Simone Galavazi Art director: Johan Van Essche First AD: Marcus Himbert Line producer: Nathalie Van Schelvergem Costumes: Tine Verbeurgt Make-up: Mariël Hoevenaars Location manager: Wim Goossens Editor: Philippe Ravoet Sound design: Peter Flamman & Wart Wamsteker Casting director: Gunter Schmid Production manager: Else Moens Press officer: Couvreur | KFD Composer: Henny Vrienten Moviesong: 'The Garden' door 'The Bony King of Nowhere'

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an Eyeworks Film & TV Drama Film
in coproduction with Flinck Film, Entre Chien et Loup and één
with the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund,
Het Nederlands Filmfonds,
Le Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles et de VOO,
les Régions Wallonne et de Bruxelles-Capitale
and the Belgian Tax shelter for film financing
in collaboration with the City of Ghent, the Province of East Flanders,
Kinepolis Film Distribution and Paradiso Film Entertainment

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